October Field Visit

Project partners from the University of Glasgow (Prof Fabrice Renaud (PI), Dr Brian Barrett, Dr Jiren Xu), Loughborough University (Prof Qiuhua Liang, Dr Jiaheng Zhao), Nankai University (China) (Prof Suiliang Huang), and the Institute of Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) (Japan) (Dr Xin Zhou) undertook 10 days of field work in northern Hebei province and Inner Mongolia, China in October. The project team travelled over 1800km and were accompanied by Mr Ho, a local expert on the Luanhe river basin.

The route taken by the project team, starting in Beijing and finishing in Tianjin.

Following the fieldwork, a stakeholder workshop was held at Nankai University in which 14 local and national government representatives participated. The purpose of the workshop was to collate information on the major challenges (social, economic and environmental) and their drivers/in the basin, experiences of flooding or drought events, water pollution events in the basin or in Panjiakou-Daheiting Reservoir, views on ecosystem services and disservices provided by existing and future land use changes, and types of project outputs that they would find most useful to aid their decision making.

Stakeholders and project partners with the UN SDGs

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